Located in North East Fife, Lochaber Farm bakery produces handmade, authentic, bread and bakes.


Sourdough is one of the oldest forms of leavened bread. The natural method used to create sourdough develops a population of beneficial microorganisms and gives the resulting bread a unique flavour.

Hand made produce

Each of our loaves is made to our own unique recipe, using a starter developed by us in 2015. This same starter has been kept alive since the start of my personal sourdough journey and imparts its unique flavour into each loaf.

Quick Menu

Stockman’s sourdough

Our plain loaf, made with a mix of white, wholemal & rye flour. Goes with anything.


Farmhouse white

A crusty white loaf, made with just a small amount of yeast, but allowed to ferment for 48 hours for maximum flavour and digestibility.


Raisin & Cinnamon Sourdough

A fantastic breakfast loaf, even better as French toast.


Lochaber farm Dukkah

A wholesome and tasty mix of nuts seeds and spices, designed for dipping our bread into.


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